DJ Real One's Testimonials

DJ Greg J
Crooklyn Clan Vault Member
Oakland, CA

"Just checked a bunch of them out sounded good! Nothing off key, nice party break stuff in the intros without overdoing anything. I especially liked the intro vocal play for your Stand Up blend. Only critiques I have to offer is that some of them seemed a little long, but it's better to make them too long than too short like mine are."

DJ DeToto
SpinCycle DJ on iHeartRadio
Columbus, OH

"Nice! I'll throw it in my SpinCycle mix show! Nice! In programming my next mix now!"

Brady W.
Wilmore, KY

“Kudos to making good harmonic mashups.  My biggest pet peeve is two songs bashing keys together and making my ears want to bleed. I don’t think nearly enough attention is paid to key and it pisses me off to no  end when I hear boombox playing bad mashups on Sirius… bad mashups should be punished, not rewarded.”

DJ Illogix
The Deck Demons
Boston, MA

"I peeped that remix and it sounds dope."

DJ SimonSez
Los Angeles, CA

“Nice work man, a lot of well rounded stuff on there. I like the stand up joint...good stuff!”

DJ Brett B
Des Moines, IA

(about Alicia Keys/Mariah blend)
"This is what I'm talking about. Nice work man. I really wish more people could understand the difference between a good blend and a bad blend."

DJ Maji (aka Dr. Stress)
Pheonix, AZ

"Mike, that testify remix is sick. Great job man."